Hello, World!

This is my very first blog post (on this blog, at least).  I’m sure some internet sleuthing would turn up some other blogs authored by yours truly, but I haven’t written on them for a long while now.  They were very specific blogs and if I ever wanted to write about something else, I felt like I couldn’t because it didn’t match my ‘theme.’  Well, this blog is for everything.  The ordinary, the EXTRAordinary, and everything in between.  I hope to give you crafty inspiration for Project Life, Filofaxes, and other artistic delights.  I want to make you laugh and say ‘awwww!’ with pictures and stories about the cutest quartet of bunnies you’ve ever seen.  And I want to share my story with you.  The ups, the downs, the exciting, the mundane.  Look for my first post on Monday, September 2nd, sharing my Filofax page decoration for the week.  Thanks for stopping by!