Filofax Decoration, Week 36

I tried a few different things this week in my Filofax…

FF WK 36.2Week 36.

FF WK 36.1

I started with my normal washi tape decor.  I like to put a little along the bottom (yellow stars, this week) and another color to separate the weekend and the ‘this week’ box at the top left.

FF WK 36.4

Even though I’ve been doing Project Life since December 2012, I still struggle to remember to take pictures throughout the week!  So this week, I added a bright sticky tab and a set of 7 stamped stars below it.  I plan to check off each star when I take pictures each day.  Hopefully that will help me remember!!

FF WK 36.3On each weekday, I placed a stamped green arrow.  I added some green marks along some sides to make it stand out more.  I’m going to use this to help me plan for various blog posts for the week.  I also added some green chevrons and a sticker or two in a couple places to liven things up.

Those are my pages for the week!  Next Monday, I’ll show you my newly decorated pages along with pictures of how this week turned out.  Tomorrow I’m planning to share a project I’ve been working on that you can join in, too!

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