Bunnyful Wednesday!

Since this is my first ‘Bunnyful Wednesday’ post, I’ll just introduce you to our little bunny herd:

IMG_4000Nibbles.  Dutch mix.  Scaredy-bun.  High binkier.  Loves treats.  Sometimes gets along with the other bunnies.  2 years old and almost 2 years at home.

IMG_3548Juniper/Junie.  Netherland dwarf.  Smartest bunny.  Wary of getting picked up, but will do anything for treats.  Picky eater.  Almost 2 years old and has been home for about 1 1/2 years.  Thumper.


Crispin.  English Spot/dwarf mix.  Cuddle bun.  Flop king (see above).  Licks/Grooms everybun and whatever pants happen to be close by.  Will steal treats from others.  Almost two years old and has been home for just over a year.


Lucy.  Mix.  Quiet and easy-going.  Readily accepts pets, but will flick her ears when she wants you to stop.  Generally lazy, but gets excited for treats.  Going on three years old and has been home for about eight months.

Those are our fur babies!  You’ll hear more about them each Wednesday.  Did you know that looking at cute animal pictures can make you more productive?  So each Wednesday, when you’re in the middle of a (maybe long?) week, you’ll get a productive boost here at The Crafty Bun!

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