Not Exhausted

I used to be a teacher.  I’m not anymore.  After 5 years, I’m ready for something new and something that doesn’t consume your life quite as much as teaching.  I know it’s cliche, but unless you’ve been a teacher, you really don’t understand how much of your life is dedicated to the job.  Even when I was student teaching in college, I didn’t fully understand.  Teaching is very rewarding and there’s a lot I will miss about the classroom, but I am happy to have my life back.


One thing in particular that I’ve noticed is how much more energy I have.  I am still working (just not at a school) and have put in several long days.  However, when I get home I’m not completely exhausted.  I’m a little tired, but I still want to do…stuff.  When I was teaching, it was like this on weekends:


I miss my teacher friends and my kiddos.  I miss hearing their funny quips each day.  But I don’t miss the physical, mental, and emotional drainage that teaching takes on you.  So to all the teachers out there, you are awesome.  You are selfless.  You are stronger than me.  I admire you.  True rock stars.  I’m hoping to spread the love and encouragement you deserve throughout this year (and coming years).  That’s one reason I loved Jerodelle’s Romy Project.  Check it out if you know teachers need the love.

That’s my thought for this Thursday.  I’m going to enjoy my tiredness (not exhaustion) today.

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