Filofax Decoration, Week 37

I woke up too early this morning and actually managed to do this with the bit of extra time I had before work!  Nothing too crazy–washi tape and a bit of stamping.

FF WK 37.1

Here are the pages.  I used a light yellow/cream washi tape that looks like an old measuring tape across the bottom and top right.  I also used a gray polka dot tape to separate the weekends and the ‘this week’ section.

FF WK 37.2I tried to stamp a design across the top, but it got really messed up!  I covered it with a post-it flag and used letter stickers for the ‘WITL’ (Week in the Life).

FF WK 37.3

The gray washi is actually a regular 1.5 cm wide tape.  I taped a piece onto a stray bit of an index card, then sliced it in half in my paper cutter.  After peeling it off the index card, I could use it as you can see above.

FF WK 37.4My bunny clip to mark the week 🙂  I used arrow stamps to remind myself about what blog posts are upcoming.

Hope you enjoyed!  Feel free to comment with your Filofax decoration blog links!

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