Project Life…Monday?

Better late than never, right?


This was definitely supposed to be a Friday post, but I’d gotten a bit behind on PL, so I just used the weekend to catch up and now I can post weeks 35 and 36 today!  Since I was catching up and working with two weeks of minimal photos, I improvised a bit.  I could have just done a half spread for each week (certainly have done that before!), but I managed to stretch out the weeks to a full double page spread.  Here they are!


Week 35.  I used the 5th and Frolic edition for the vast majority of this spread.


Close up of the title card.  I used some Dear Lizzy stickers for the title.  The mini calendar is just an online printable that I use to highlight the week.


Week 36.  Lots more 5th and Frolic with a bit of the Cherry edition thrown in.


Left side of week 35.  Just some simple Project Life!  I only had one ‘official’ photo on the top right, so I just used two pictures from the internet in the bottom pockets.


Right side of week 35.  I used a screen capture of the blog and three mini photos in the top right pocket.  In the top left, I used a 4×6 bi-fold card to do some extra journaling.


Left side of week 36.  Again, not too many pictures to work with.  The bottom two pockets are again internet snags.


Right side of week 36.  I found these ancient ads at work and had to grab them for my album!  I also included our favorite pancake recipe on the top right.



So tips for a week with a lack of photos:

•Use pictures from the internet.

•Include 4×6 bi-fold cards to add extra journaling.

•Use a filler card in those 3×4 slots!  Sometimes I feel like that’s “cheating,” but those cards are included for a reason!

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