Week in the Life, Day 1 (Monday)

I started my first ever Week in the Life yesterday.  It’s been really fun so far!  Yesterday, I took over 60 photos and I think that’s a good start.  Like I said in my post yesterday, WITL was started by Ali Edwards several years ago.  Each year she picks a random week of the year to document.  Unlike Project Life, which does document your everyday life, WITL is supposed to go a little deeper and hopefully show you something that you’ve been missing.

Here are some of my favorite photos from yesterday.  They’re unedited so far, but I certainly plan to do a bit of editing before printing them next week.


Rise and shine!


We always feed the bunnies first thing in the morning.  They’re always VERY excited (notice Junie trying to climb the fence!).


Poor exiled Nibbles.  He still gets breakfast, too 😉


My breakfast.  Cereal, yogurt with granola, and (of course) coffee.


I had time for some bunny snuggles before work.  Lucy took up her favorite spot in the litter bins.


Showered, dressed, and ready to go!  Got my favorite radio station on to drive me to work.


At work.  Boxing up returns.


A lovely lunch at my desk.


Picking up my favorite boys from soccer practice.  These are the kids I babysat for over the summer.


Finally home and checking the mail.


Matt had litter bin duty last night.  I asked him to pose for a photo and this is what he did.


Making dinner!  Sweet and sticky chicken (chicken is in the oven!).


Chicken decided to be a bit smokey, so we opened the windows.


After dinner and all cozied up on the sofa.


Popped some corn for an evening treat.


Snuggled with Nibs.


Junie trying to get some treats!

Tomorrow I’m planning a bunny update AND a ‘Tuesday Words + Pictures,’ so please stop back!

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