Week in the Life, Day 2 (Tuesday)

I took just over 50 photos yesterday (Tuesday).  Here are some of my (unedited) favorites:


Breakfast time.  Pancakes, yogurt with granola, and coffee.


Crispin chews on the bars while I eat breakfast so he can get some attention.

IMG_5730Ready for the day!


Matt’s ready for work!  He’s a costumed interpreter at a historic site in the area, so that’s what’s up with his outfit!


Purse, lunchbox, sweater.  Check, check, check.


My desk at the office.


Dinner.  Canned soup.  It was supposed to be something else, but we were out of the main ingredient.  Oops.


Crispin licks my pants.  ‘Cuz that’s what a good bunny does.


Nibbles eats dinner, but is wary of getting up up in the bathroom.


Gettin’ the dirt of the day off my face!

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