Week in the Life, Day 3 (Wednesday)

Day 3 and still going strong!  I didn’t take quite as many pictures today, but still a good number to choose from.  The below photos are unedited, like the ones from the last two days.  I’m saving all that for this weekend when I’ll have a little more time during the day to fiddle with them.  I’m trying not to overload myself with this project.  I want to participate, have fun, and do it at my pace (which I think is kinda the point!).  Anyway, here are my favorites from today:


My breakfast this morning.  Coffee (notice a pattern?), cereal, and a bagel.


The rising sun over the apartment complex.


Listening to 9/11 memories on the radio.  Good thing I have a box of tissues in the car.


Shredding LOTS of stuff at work today.  I had 6 huge trash bags full by the end.  Junk from last year and as far back as 2006!


My desk all cleaned up!  The last lady had left a bunch of stuff everywhere, so I cleaned it up and put things where I wanted them.


Dinner…was supposed to be sausage and potato bake.  But after the sweltering 90 degree heat from today, I really didn’t feel like something that heavy.  Matt had oatmeal and I had cereal, ha!


All our bunnies are shedding at the moment, but Junie is really bad.  I took her into the tub to brush off the excess fur.  [Side note:  bunnies can get hairballs like cats, but don’t have the ability to cough them up.  So you have to brush bunnies to prevent hairballs.]  ANYWAY, Junie hates being brushed, so I have to get her in a small area (like the bathtub) so she can’t run away.


Not having fun.


I had to pick her up to get at the fur coming off her patootie.  She wasn’t pleased.


I also used a lint roller on her.  This is what the brush didn’t get.

IMG_5835Popcorn in the evening…again!  We pop corn kernels ourselves (no bagged stuff for us!).

Getting to be nearly half way done with this project!  I’m really excited with how it’s gone so far.  I’m also starting to think about how I want to assemble it all when I’m done.  Divided page protectors?  Mini album?  12×12 Project Life-style spreads??  Suggestions welcome 🙂

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