Week in the Life, Day 4 (Thursday)

I’m really pleased that my enthusiasm is still high with this project!  Because, let’s face it…we all start projects sometimes that never get finished.  At this point, I am pretty confident in being able to finish this WITL.  And not just finish by dragging myself across the end, but really finishing strong.  I’m looking forward to editing my pictures this weekend and beginning the assembly process next week.

Sharing my Thursday photos + words:

IMG_58437:00 a.m.:  Nibbles tries to scamper into the bedroom every time I open the door.  We let him run around in there sometimes, but not in the mornings when we’re trying to get ready for work.  He’ll chew all the cords without supervision!

IMG_58498:00 a.m.:  Gassing up the car.  Dummy light had come on.

IMG_5850Eat up, little Corolla!

IMG_58559:00 a.m.:  Continuing the massive backroom cleanup.

IMG_585610:15 a.m.:  Best find of the day?  A 5 1/4″ floppy disk storage box.  Hope no one wanted it, cuz it’s in the trash.

IMG_58575:00 p.m.:  Leaving work after a HUGE thunderstorm had rolled through.

IMG_5859Wet pavement.

IMG_58605:30 p.m.:  Still on the road.  Northern Virginians + water = traffic jams.

  IMG_58716:10 p.m.:  After cleaning that (un-airconditioned) backroom in 90˚heat for much of the day, I felt a shower was in order.

IMG_58647:45 p.m.:  Long day for both of us.  Pizza night 🙂

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