Week in the Life, Day 6 (Saturday)

The final two days of this project are here and I’m kinda sad.  I’m really having fun with it!  Anyway, I took 53 photos on Saturday.  Here are the highlights:


8:00 a.m.:  Up and at ’em!  Got my new sheet for the day and I’m ready to go.


8:30 a.m.:  Junie grabs a drink after breakfast.


There are three bunnies in this picture…can you spot them all?  Crispin is the one in ‘mid-jump.’


10:00 a.m.:  Packing up my first Etsy sale!


10:30 a.m.:  Snuggling with Nibbles.


12:15 p.m.:  Perfect day.




12:20 p.m.:  First stop is the post office.  I also stopped at the bank, but didn’t get a picture of that.  I do have the deposit slip, so I figure that’s good enough!


12:40 p.m.:  Stopped at Michael’s.  Got two cute stamp sets for under $7!


1:00 p.m.:  Tuesday Morning had a bunch of great paper stacks, but I just bought  a set of American Craft precision pens ($5) and another stamp set (99 cents!).


6:00 p.m.:  Dinner time!  Burritos are going in the oven.


10:00 p.m.:  Bed time.  I don’t have many pictures of myself, so I took this in the bathroom.  Yes, there’s a mess behind me.  Nibbles is still living in there until we figure out a better spot for him.

Last day today!  Check back tomorrow (or possibly later tonight) for my final post.

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