Filofax Monday

I really like how my pages for this week turned out.  I also reorganized my Filofax as a whole to hopefully make it work better for me.  Here’s what the pages for this week look like:

FF WK 38.1

I used a red lace washi tape to separate the weekend and ‘this week’ boxes and the black pattern along the bottoms and tops.


FF WK 38.2

I had a red ink that matched the red washi pretty well, so used it to stamp the flowers on the weekdays.  I added basic notes about what I plan to feature on the blog each day.


FF WK 38.3

After the past week with ‘week in the life’ I’m hoping I’ll be better about taking pictures for Project Life!  But, just in case, I added the stars to ‘check off’ each day I take a picture during the week.


FF WK 38.4

Close up of my stamping.

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