Thoughts on Thursday: Taking Stock

I found this idea via Much Love, Illy who found it from several other people.  I thought I would play along for my Thoughts on Thursday post.  If you make a list like this, too, link it up in the comments!

Making…my Week in the Life mini book (or at least starting to).

Cooking…homemade pizza!  Delicious and oh-so-easy.

Drinking…milk.  Jealous?

Reading…blogs, Facebook groups, the news…not in the middle of any books at the moment.

Wanting…to think of new products for my Etsy shop!

Looking…out the window at the Harvest Moon that’s out tonight.

Playing…with the bunnies 🙂

Wasting…absolutely not one bite of my pizza!

Sewing…handmade embroidered tags for whoever orders them.

Wishing…the Staunton job had worked out for my hubby.

Enjoying…being in PJs with a cozy sweater.

Waiting…for a lot of things, but trying to be content in the present.

Liking…my new job.

Wondering…how long we’ll be living in this area and where we’ll be a year from now.

Loving…the cooler temps we’ve had this week!

Hoping…my raise will be fairly significant.

Marveling…at how many poops a bunny can make in just one day.

Needing…new pants.  Like whoa.


Wearing…PJs and that cozy sweater I mentioned earlier.

Following…along with online projects and challenges for the first time ever.  So fun!

Noticing…how much more energy I have on the weekends and in the evenings now.

Knowing…that everything will be okay.

Thinking…about how I should probably do some dishes tonight.

Feeling…my headache slowly going away.


Opening…new doors and windows lately.

Giggling…at the goofy stuff me and the hubs do in the evening.

Feeling…not stressed out.  Say whaa???

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