Project Life, Week 38

This week turned out a little different.  I hope it will give you an idea or two to use for your own PL albums if you run into this type of conundrum!

Week 37 was Week in the Life, so in my Project Life album, I only did a half spread on the left.  That meant for week 38, I had an empty half page on the right.  I had quite a few picture to include, so I didn’t want to try to squish everything onto just the half spread.  I decided instead to add a design H as an insert and combine that with the half side of design A.  Using the front and back of design H equals one side of design A, so I would end up with the same amount of space as I normally would!  Here’s how the pages turned out:

WK 38.1My week 38 title card went on the front side of the design H page protector.  I then had space for one picture on the bottom and a 3×4 caption card.  I used a decorative card from 5th and Frolic and tried my hand at some embossing.  Certainly would have been better in an actual color, but white’s all I’ve got at this point!

WK 38.3Close up of the embossing.

WK 38.2Design H, front side.

WK 38.4On the back of design H, I had room for two photos and caption cards.

WK 38.5I had some space to dress up this card a bit with a fabric flower and some dots.

WK 38.6The right side is design A.

WK 38.9Bunny pictures feature heavily this week 🙂

WK 38.7 The two pages, side by side as they would be in the album.

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