Filofax, Week 40 Decoration + October Monthly + Video!

I have a little extra to share with you today!  This is week 40, so I have my decorated weekly pages, but it’s also the beginning of October on Tuesday, so I have my month on two pages decoration to show you.  PLUS I filmed a video of my updated Filofax set up, so I’m sharing that, too.

Let’s start with the weekly pages:

FF WK 40.1The full page spread.  I added a dividing line in the middle of each day and am planning to add notes about dinner and my blogging schedule over there.  The lines and boxes will be for daily ‘to do’ notes.

FF WK 40.2I put a big sticky for a bill due date so hopefully I won’t forget this month!!

FF WK 40.3Washi at the top as a banner, across the middle, and along the bottom are all fall colors.  I love the warm and cozy feel those colors evoke!

Now on to the monthly pages for October:

FF Oct Month 4The full spread.  I used washi along the left edge and the bottom to frame things, plus a little washi banner and star on the top right.

FF Oct Month 2My washi bunny!  This was so simple and I love how it turned out.  All I did was trace my large bunny paper clip onto white cardstock.  I used a thin blue washi tape to completely cover over the traced outline, then I just cut out the shape along the traced lines!  I stuck him in the bottom right corner to help cover up the non-October days at the bottom.  You could do this with any shape you’re able to cut out!  Link up in the comments if you try it–I’d love to see your versions!

FF Oct Month 3  A close up of the top left where I used an Amy Tangerine sticker that matched well with the chevron washi tape.

And here’s the update video!

Are you Filofax-ed out yet? 😉  Thanks for stopping by!

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