Putting Myself Out There

A little over two weeks ago, Becky Higgins put out at call for applications for the 2014 Project Life Creative Team.  I love looking at the 2013 Creative Team’s layouts and am always impressed with how lovely they look.  I love the wide variety of styles, too:  from the super-minimalist to lots of embellishments.  As I read over the qualities they were looking for in a team member, I thought maybe I should send in an application.

For two weeks the idea sat in the back of my mind.  Overwhelmingly, the question I most asked myself was, “Am I good enough?”  I don’t think of myself as particularly creative, but I think my layouts generally turn out pretty nice.  I’ve really enjoyed the past year of Project Life and it’s fun looking back and seeing how my style has developed over the months.

On Sunday, the last day to submit an application, I decided to go for it.  Put myself out there.  What do I have to lose, right?  The worst they can say is, ‘no thanks,’ and I can still do Project Life next year.  I typed up the bits of information they requested and attached five pictures of my layouts to an email.  And I pushed ‘Send.’  And now I’m waiting.  I don’t really think I’ll be someone that’s seriously considered (have you SEEN some of the amazing spreads people are doing?!?!), but it felt good to apply for it anyway.

Here are the pictures I sent in:

WK 39.1

Week 7

Week 30

Week 31

Week 40

Did you submit an application?  Link to your blog in the comments to share your work 🙂


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