Cast of Characters

Here are some of the regular people (and bunnies) you’ll see on The Crafty Bun:

IMG_5730Me.  The crafty lady herself.

IMG_5734The hubs.  He works at a historic site, hence the outfit.

IMG_5938Nibbles.  Dutch mix, lives by himself (it’s a long story).  Scared of most things.  Loves treats.

IMG_5817Junie.  Netherland Dwarf.  Smartest bunny in the bunch.  Suspicious of everything.  Loves treats.

IMG_5765Crispin.  English Spot/Dwarf mix.  Friendliest of all.  Likes to lick your pants and jump to high heights.  Loves treats.

IMG_4355Lucy.  Unknown mix.  Cool, calm, and collected.  Rarely frazzled.  Kind of clumsy.  Loves treats.


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