NEW PROJECT: December Daily!

OK, I’m officially jumping on the bandwagon!  After having so much fun with Ali Edwards’ Week in the Life, I decided to join in with a December Daily album.  In case you’re unfamiliar, you can check out Ali’s extensive posts on this album here.

I’ve collected a few things so far to get me started on setting things up.  Here’s what I bought at AC Moore over the weekend:

-Red 6×8 Snap Album

-Pack of 10 6×8 page protectors [two 3×4 slots on top, one 4×6 slot on bottom of each sheet]

-Project Life Christmas theme card pack

-My Mind’s Eye Vintage Christmas 6×6 pad

-Gold and Silver washi tape

-Red and cream chevron washi tape

-Teresa Collins’ Santa’s List enamel dots

-Little Yellow Bicycle transparent embellishments Christmas pack

I didn’t buy ANY thickers (!!) since I already have several green, silver, and gold choices.  I may have to pick up some red ones by the end, but we’ll see.  I’m kinda picky about how my reds match.  I also pulled several things from my stash that will work with the rest of the new items.  Here’s what the humble Christmas stash looks like now:



My plan is to stay simple (lesson learned from WITL!) with just one side of a sheet protector per day.  I have some extras, so if I really need to expand to two sides I can, but I think filling three pockets per day is doable.  I’m planning to have one 4×6 picture, one 3×4 journaling spot, and one 3×4 pocket for either decoration or an additional photo/journaling as needed.  I’ve already started some of the decorating on the interior and the front cover is finished.  I’ll share pictures of that next week.

I’m loving looking at other peoples’ set ups from this year or previous years.  So link up in the comments if you want!


New Items in the Shop!

I wanted to quickly highlight the new mini Project Life kit that’s in my Etsy shop at the moment!  It comes with 3×4 and 2×2 cards:

PL Mixed Card Set 1

PL Mixed Card Set 2

PL Mixed Card Set 3

PL Mixed Card Set 4

PL Mixed Card Set 5

There are also handmade embroidered tags and enamel dots for sale!  Check it out 🙂

Filofax Decoration, Week 41

Week 41 in my Filofax is clean and simple!  Last week got a little too busy for my liking, so I’m trying to ‘tone it down’ a bit.  Here’s how it turned out:

FF WK 41.2

I used my cute tape from YozoCraft on the bottom and my all-time favorite cloud/heart washi tape along the top.  The yellow tape in the middle matches the bits of yellow in the house tape on the bottom.

FF WK 41.1

I just love this tape!  It’s not ‘real’ washi–it’s actually a plastic (not paper) based tape.

  FF WK 41.3

I made the banner out of a longer tag piece.

FF WK 41.4My little bunny face sticker was perfect for my blog notes about Lucy 🙂

Share your Filofax links in the comments!

Week in the Life: Update

Last week I started working on part two of the Week in the Life project.  It took several days to edit the photos I wanted to print, then I used my Selphy to print them all.  In hindsight, it would probably have been better to send the pictures to a photo printing site like Shutterfly, but using the Selphy is so easy…I just didn’t even think about it until I was half way done!  Once my photos were printed, I deliberated over what type of album to put them in.  I had both horizontal and vertical photos I wanted to include and I didn’t have page protectors that would easily accommodate that.  I wanted to spend as little money as possible on the project and use supplies I already had (at least for the most part), so divided page protectors were out.  I also didn’t want a huge 12×12 album.  So what size did I end up with?  10 1/2×11.  Yes, you read that right.  Let me explain…


Once I had figured out that I didn’t want page protectors and a large album, I thought maybe I could buy some chipboard, punch holes and use ring clips to make an album.  I went to Michael’s and found the perfect thing:  a kit with 10 already-hole-punched chipboard pages plus rings!  It was $5 and I had a 50% off coupon.  $2.50 for my “album?”  Yes, please!  They were large pieces and I assumed they were 12×12.  I thought that since they were less bulky than an actual 3-ringed album, it would be okay at that size.  Got them home and looked at them again next to my 12×12 paper.  They were just smaller.  I measured.  10 1/2″ x 11″.  How handy…


That meant I had to trim my paper to be exactly that size.  When I put my photos against the patterned paper I had picked out, they sort of blended into the background too much.  They didn’t pop.  “I know!” thought my ingenious little self, “I’ll cut white cardstock paper to mat them!”  I cut a few rectangles to frame my 3×4 photos and put them on the paper.  It looked great!  Amazing!  Stupendous!


Then I started putting the album together.


I printed a TON of pictures, so I needed a TON of little white cardstock mats.  I also needed a TON of background pages and everything needed a TON of adhesive since it wasn’t going into a page protector.  I ran out of adhesive at one point and had to go to Michael’s for more.  Got home with my 3 pack of Tombow roller adhesive and discovered that I had actually bought a pack of refills, not individual rollers.  I was determined not to go back to Michael’s again, so I used the refills (with much difficulty, I might add) to finish the last several pages.




I still love this project, but I have A LOT of ideas for how to make it better and easier next time!!




I’ve got some (not that great) pictures of my progress.  There are still a few things I want to add and then next week, I’m planning to make a video walk through of the final project.  Here’s what I’ve got so far:

Blank Cover

This is the cover before I decorated it.  The chipboard is REALLY thick and the rings are quite strong.  I’m happy about that since I’m wanting this album/project to last a good long time!

Decorated Cover

The decorated cover!  I had a lot of fun putting this together last night and I’m pleased with how it turned out.

Inside Album 4

Each day has a 6×11″ sheet that is a write up from my daily note sheets.  I added the day and date to each one.  Monday was a full day!

Inside Album 5

On the back of the write up sheets, I have pictures followed by a full page with more pictures.  No captions necessary since it’s all explained in the half-page of journaling.

Inside Album 2

Thursday was a little different since there was NO room on the sheet for a day/date!  I ended up putting it on that white card which is attached to the side of the page underneath.  I had two extra pictures for the day that I didn’t want to put by themselves on the back of the full page.  So I added this small piece with washi tape.  That probably made no sense, but you’ll see it better in the video!

Inside Album 3

Here’s how I accommodated the vertical pictures with the horizontal pictures.

  Inside AlbumSunday was also a full day and I had just enough pictures to finish the last page!

Some finishing touches and I’ll be DONE!  Look for the final video of my Week in the Life next Tuesday!

Filofax Week 39 + More

I totally meant to get a Project Life post up on Friday.


And then I totally meant to post it on Saturday.


And…that didn’t happen.  I did my PL spread for the previous week…it’s just that the pictures and posting bit didn’t happen.  But it’s happening today along with your weekly dose of Filofax decoration goodness.  Here are my Filofax pages for the week:

FF WK 39.1

I wanted to go with a fall theme for the week since it’s the first official week of autumn.  I didn’t want to go all pumpkin spice latte on the page, though, so I added in a bit of brighter green to balance out the darker fall colors.  The yellow and orange washi on the top and bottom are really rich colors.

FF WK 39.2On the left side, I added some green stamps to note what blog entries I’m posting this week.  I also added the multicolored ‘fall’ stamp at the top left.  I just swirled it through yellow and orange ink to get the double colors.  My huge bunny clip makes a good bookmark 🙂

FF WK 39.3Close up of the right side.

Alright, so here is what I ended up with for my Project Life from the week I did Week in the Life.  I really like it!

WK 38.1

Sorry about the glare.  I had to take these at night, so I didn’t have much light to work with.  Anyway, I just did a half page with leftover pictures that didn’t end up in my WITL album.

WK 38.2

I typed up this card explaining why I had taken a week ‘off’ from PL and what exactly the point of WITL was/is.

WK 39.3

I used a 3×4 card with a camera as a backing for this photo.  I used an exact-o knife to cut the camera top out and then slipped the photo behind it.

Check back tomorrow!  I plan to share how my WITL album is coming along–it’s almost done!

Thoughts on Thursday: Taking Stock

I found this idea via Much Love, Illy who found it from several other people.  I thought I would play along for my Thoughts on Thursday post.  If you make a list like this, too, link it up in the comments!

Making…my Week in the Life mini book (or at least starting to).

Cooking…homemade pizza!  Delicious and oh-so-easy.

Drinking…milk.  Jealous?

Reading…blogs, Facebook groups, the news…not in the middle of any books at the moment.

Wanting…to think of new products for my Etsy shop!

Looking…out the window at the Harvest Moon that’s out tonight.

Playing…with the bunnies 🙂

Wasting…absolutely not one bite of my pizza!

Sewing…handmade embroidered tags for whoever orders them.

Wishing…the Staunton job had worked out for my hubby.

Enjoying…being in PJs with a cozy sweater.

Waiting…for a lot of things, but trying to be content in the present.

Liking…my new job.

Wondering…how long we’ll be living in this area and where we’ll be a year from now.

Loving…the cooler temps we’ve had this week!

Hoping…my raise will be fairly significant.

Marveling…at how many poops a bunny can make in just one day.

Needing…new pants.  Like whoa.


Wearing…PJs and that cozy sweater I mentioned earlier.

Following…along with online projects and challenges for the first time ever.  So fun!

Noticing…how much more energy I have on the weekends and in the evenings now.

Knowing…that everything will be okay.

Thinking…about how I should probably do some dishes tonight.

Feeling…my headache slowly going away.


Opening…new doors and windows lately.

Giggling…at the goofy stuff me and the hubs do in the evening.

Feeling…not stressed out.  Say whaa???

Why Bunnies? Or, How We Ended Up with Nibbles

It’s a fair question.

Why did we get rabbits instead of something more conventional like a cat or dog?  Why did we get more than one?  Let me tell you…

Around the beginning of October 2011, I thought about the possibility of getting a pet.  I’ve never really had a pet (besides a hamster named Fred when I was younger), but my husband had grown up with dogs.  I liked dogs, too, and thought briefly about getting one, but I decided it probably wouldn’t work very well.  We live in an apartment, work most of the day, and there’s no yard for a dog to run around in.  It seemed like we would end up with a lonely dog who would have to “hold it” all day.  Dogs are out for now.  How about cats?  That was quickly ruled out seeing as how I have huge allergies to cats.  What else is there?

Fish?  Too boring.

Turtles?  Not cuddly.

Hamsters?  Been there, done that.  Not again, thank you.

Rabbits?  Hmm…

When the thought of rabbits initially popped into my head, I thought of this:

SO CUTE.  I would have one of these, please.

Then I started reading about real rabbits.  And about how baby rabbits (like the ones in the mugs above) grow up and become adult rabbits.  And, while adult rabbits are still cute, they are not baby-cute.  I decided I was okay with this.  The more I read about rabbits, the more it sounded like they might be a good idea.  They’re awake in the morning and evening (when we’re home from work).  They use a litter box.  You can make cheap toys for them out of old newspaper and toilet paper rolls.  Perfect.

Now to convince the husband.

After a ferocious two week campaign on why a bunny would be good for us, Matt finally agreed.  We got all the supplies we needed and looked up bunnies that were available for adoption in our area.  Then, on October 30th, we made the trek into D.C. to the Washington Humane Society.  They had many bunnies, but finally we saw a large cage with four baby bunnies inside.  Siblings.  We looked at all of them and asked if we could hold the little gray and white one.  One of the workers opened the door and managed to snag the scrambling bunny.  She handed this little puff ball to Matt…:


…and we promptly fell in love.  He was just a tiny peanut at just over 2 months old and was shivering as Matt held him.  We pet him and whispered comfort in his ear and he calmed down a bit.  We filled out the adoption forms and he was ours.

On the car trip home, he was breathing so fast and his eyes were so wide and he seemed so scared.  I kept whispering to him telling him everything was okay and that he’d be in his new home soon.  When we got back and opened the carrier, he quickly hopped into his cage and sat in the corner.  We left him alone during that first evening so he could get used to his new place.  The next morning he had found his food and water.  We tried to convince him to come out and play, but he would only stretch his little head out of the gate before scurrying back inside.

Nibbles has grown a lot since those first few days…

NibblesNibbles in November, less than 3 months


A curious boy


Tuckered out


Eating his dinner


Rearranging all the items in his pen

I could post so many more!  But I suppose that’ll do for now.  Buy wait, you say.  Don’t you have four bunnies?  Why, yes.  Yes, we do.  But seeing as this post is already long enough, I’ll leave their ‘gotcha day’ stories for the next couple weeks!