Filofax Decoration, Week 41

Week 41 in my Filofax is clean and simple!  Last week got a little too busy for my liking, so I’m trying to ‘tone it down’ a bit.  Here’s how it turned out:

FF WK 41.2

I used my cute tape from YozoCraft on the bottom and my all-time favorite cloud/heart washi tape along the top.  The yellow tape in the middle matches the bits of yellow in the house tape on the bottom.

FF WK 41.1

I just love this tape!  It’s not ‘real’ washi–it’s actually a plastic (not paper) based tape.

  FF WK 41.3

I made the banner out of a longer tag piece.

FF WK 41.4My little bunny face sticker was perfect for my blog notes about Lucy 🙂

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Project Life, Week 39

I’m all caught up with my Project Life pages!  I have week 39 to share with you today:


WK 39.1

I try to base the colors in my layout on the title card’s colors.  I made ALL my title cards at the beginning of the year (probably won’t do that again, but I don’t want to waste them).  This week’s colors were blue and green and the picture of the chestnut tree went perfectly with it!


WK 39.2

I had just finished my Week in the Life album this week, so I had some pictures of it.


WK 39.3

I didn’t have many pictures from the week, so three of the pictures on this page are from our outing to a craft fair over the weekend.


WK 39.4

I love using my bunny stamps any chance I get!  One of our buns got a new pen this week.


WK 39.5

Filler cards for 3×4 slots!  I didn’t have too much to say this week.


WK 39.6

Another filler card on the left.  I like how it turned out.  The pinwheel on the bottom is actually covering up a stamp-gone-wrong!


WK 39.7Week 39 is in the books!

I’ll be posting week 40 next weekend.  Can you believe we only have 12 more weeks of 2013 to go?  Time flies!

Week in the Life Lessons

OK, I promise this is the last post about Week in the Life!  As I went through this project, I learned a few things about what to do different next time to make completing things much smoother and simpler.  Here we go:


1.  Start with the end in mind.

If you watched my video from Tuesday, you know that my album was a goofy size.  I also had a mix of vertical and horizontal photos that made choosing an album type difficult.  Next time, I’m going to take all horizontal photos.  Then I’ll be able to choose a standard type of page protector, slip photos in pockets and be on my way!  Shopping for an album beforehand might also be helpful (so I’ll know how many photos I can use for each page/day).


2.  Send photos to an online printer.

I printed my pictures with my Selphy.  Easy?  Yes.  Quick?  Double yes.  But cost-effective?  Probably not.  I could have printed them much more cheaply had I sent them to Snapfish or another similar online printer.


3.  Stay simple!

I made my album so much more complicated than it needed to be.  Next time, with some planning ahead, I’m going to have a quick and easy way to display my photos and wrap up the project much more quickly.


Just a final thought:

I so enjoyed this project.  I recently started a new, less-stressful job and that’s what enabled me to do this WITL to begin with!  My old job was great, but it was totally exhausting and took over my life.  I NEVER would have attempted to even start a project like this because I knew I would just get too tired and I would never have the time to put a whole album together.  With my new job and my new lifestyle, I can do fun crafty things like this and I don’t view it as another chore to add to my ‘to do’ list.  I actually had a good time doing it!  I’m excited about finding other similar projects to take part in.  If you haven’t given something like this a try–go for it!  And feel free to link to your blog or YouTube channel below to share your projects!

Death Row Bunny

After we had Junie spayed and tried to bond her with Nibbles, it became apparent very quickly that Nibbles was not interested in having her as a buddy.  Junie would groom and snuggle, but all she got from NIbbles was…well, nibbles and nips!  After several months of trying to bond the two of them, we resigned ourselves to believing they could never work as a bunny pair.  Nibbles seemed totally fine on his own, but Junie would stick her nose through bars of her cage trying to get to Nibbles.  She would scamper over to get as close to him as she could.  It was obvious she wanted a friend.


Enter Crispin.


We got in contact with a fabulous bunny rescue, Friends of Rabbits.  We looked at an online album of adoptable bunnies and saw an adorable black and white spotted bun.  We arranged for him and Junie to meet and they got on famously!  We also learned that this sweet bunny had been in a county shelter on death row (literally) when Friends of Rabbits swooped in and saved him.


Junie and “new bunny” (as we called Crispin before he was Crispin) went to the bunny bonder’s house and were bonded over just a few days.  When they came home, it was so amazing to see her and “new bunny” running around together, grooming each other, and just being happy bunnies!  Here are some of the first pictures of the two of them together at home:



Floor Snuggle Buns

Next week…

Where Lucy came from!

Week in the Life: Finished Album!

It.  Is.  Done!!

I really like how this turned out, but I did learn some lessons for next time!  I’ll post more about that on Thursday.  Instead of taking pictures of all/most of the pages, I filmed a video.  Feel free to comment, ask questions, or share a link to your blog post with your finished album!  Enjoy!

Filofax, Week 40 Decoration + October Monthly + Video!

I have a little extra to share with you today!  This is week 40, so I have my decorated weekly pages, but it’s also the beginning of October on Tuesday, so I have my month on two pages decoration to show you.  PLUS I filmed a video of my updated Filofax set up, so I’m sharing that, too.

Let’s start with the weekly pages:

FF WK 40.1The full page spread.  I added a dividing line in the middle of each day and am planning to add notes about dinner and my blogging schedule over there.  The lines and boxes will be for daily ‘to do’ notes.

FF WK 40.2I put a big sticky for a bill due date so hopefully I won’t forget this month!!

FF WK 40.3Washi at the top as a banner, across the middle, and along the bottom are all fall colors.  I love the warm and cozy feel those colors evoke!

Now on to the monthly pages for October:

FF Oct Month 4The full spread.  I used washi along the left edge and the bottom to frame things, plus a little washi banner and star on the top right.

FF Oct Month 2My washi bunny!  This was so simple and I love how it turned out.  All I did was trace my large bunny paper clip onto white cardstock.  I used a thin blue washi tape to completely cover over the traced outline, then I just cut out the shape along the traced lines!  I stuck him in the bottom right corner to help cover up the non-October days at the bottom.  You could do this with any shape you’re able to cut out!  Link up in the comments if you try it–I’d love to see your versions!

FF Oct Month 3  A close up of the top left where I used an Amy Tangerine sticker that matched well with the chevron washi tape.

And here’s the update video!

Are you Filofax-ed out yet? 😉  Thanks for stopping by!

Project Life, Week 38

This week turned out a little different.  I hope it will give you an idea or two to use for your own PL albums if you run into this type of conundrum!

Week 37 was Week in the Life, so in my Project Life album, I only did a half spread on the left.  That meant for week 38, I had an empty half page on the right.  I had quite a few picture to include, so I didn’t want to try to squish everything onto just the half spread.  I decided instead to add a design H as an insert and combine that with the half side of design A.  Using the front and back of design H equals one side of design A, so I would end up with the same amount of space as I normally would!  Here’s how the pages turned out:

WK 38.1My week 38 title card went on the front side of the design H page protector.  I then had space for one picture on the bottom and a 3×4 caption card.  I used a decorative card from 5th and Frolic and tried my hand at some embossing.  Certainly would have been better in an actual color, but white’s all I’ve got at this point!

WK 38.3Close up of the embossing.

WK 38.2Design H, front side.

WK 38.4On the back of design H, I had room for two photos and caption cards.

WK 38.5I had some space to dress up this card a bit with a fabric flower and some dots.

WK 38.6The right side is design A.

WK 38.9Bunny pictures feature heavily this week 🙂

WK 38.7 The two pages, side by side as they would be in the album.