Lucy Goosey: A True Rescue Story

I lasted posted about how we came to adopt Crispin.  Today, I’m going to share where Lucy came from.


After our failed attempts to bond Nibbles and Junie, Nibbles had been a lone bachelor while Junie and Crispin were the newly happy couple next door.  I felt bad for Nibs–maybe he just wanted a different bunny friend.  We had only ever tried bonding him with Junie, so maybe he needed another chance.  I managed to convince Matt to let me take Nibbles to an adoption event hosted by Friends of Rabbits.  I was nervous that he would just nip at other bunnies, but to my delight he was generally pretty nice with the lovely bunny ladies he was put with!  After several different bunnies were tried out, a large brown bun was plopped down next to him.  They sniffed each other, licked each other, and snuggled up for a nap.


The little brown bunny didn’t even have a name.  She had been rescued from a Maryland shelter just days before she was to be put down.  She was so calm and sweet, I knew she’d be coming home with us sooner or later.  Here’s Nibs and his new friend:

Nibs and Lucy

I told the adoption organizers that I wasn’t quite ready to leave Nibbles that day for bonding–kinda needed to check with the hubby first to make sure he was really okay with a fourth bunny.  I mentioned our other two bunnies and how I wish they could all be bonded.  The magic bunny whisperer said she was confident she could bond all four of them, despite any previous issues.  I was excited with this news, and I knew Matt would be, too, so I arranged to bring all the bunnies up to her house the next weekend so she could bond them all.

Two weeks later…

I was driving back to Maryland to pick up my newly bonded quartet!  We had redone their home and cleaned up everything so it would be fresh.  I was so excited to have them back after such a long time away!  I was especially excited to get to know this new brown bunny we’d adopted.  Here they are home and together like a family:


Our sweet new girl.  She was very reserved and shy at first, but soon came out of her shell.


Snuggle buns.


We’re terrible at deciding on names…but we finally settled on Lucy.

IMG_4387All four.  All happy.

I can’t imagine who would have wanted to let this sweetheart go.  She was kind of clumsy and klutzy when we got her.  Her balance wasn’t that good.  It makes me think she was probably kept in a cage and never got out to run around.  She was found running around in a parking lot.  It was estimated by the rescuers that she was probably 2-3 years old when we adopted her.  I’m guessing the shelter was going to euthanize her because she was older, bigger, and not the “cute” fluffy bunny most people are looking to take in.  Their loss is our gain, though 🙂  She’s definitely the sweetest tempered of all our bunnies and she’s never bitten or nipped at me.  We love her and love that she completed our bunny family!


Project Life, Week 39

I’m all caught up with my Project Life pages!  I have week 39 to share with you today:


WK 39.1

I try to base the colors in my layout on the title card’s colors.  I made ALL my title cards at the beginning of the year (probably won’t do that again, but I don’t want to waste them).  This week’s colors were blue and green and the picture of the chestnut tree went perfectly with it!


WK 39.2

I had just finished my Week in the Life album this week, so I had some pictures of it.


WK 39.3

I didn’t have many pictures from the week, so three of the pictures on this page are from our outing to a craft fair over the weekend.


WK 39.4

I love using my bunny stamps any chance I get!  One of our buns got a new pen this week.


WK 39.5

Filler cards for 3×4 slots!  I didn’t have too much to say this week.


WK 39.6

Another filler card on the left.  I like how it turned out.  The pinwheel on the bottom is actually covering up a stamp-gone-wrong!


WK 39.7Week 39 is in the books!

I’ll be posting week 40 next weekend.  Can you believe we only have 12 more weeks of 2013 to go?  Time flies!

Death Row Bunny

After we had Junie spayed and tried to bond her with Nibbles, it became apparent very quickly that Nibbles was not interested in having her as a buddy.  Junie would groom and snuggle, but all she got from NIbbles was…well, nibbles and nips!  After several months of trying to bond the two of them, we resigned ourselves to believing they could never work as a bunny pair.  Nibbles seemed totally fine on his own, but Junie would stick her nose through bars of her cage trying to get to Nibbles.  She would scamper over to get as close to him as she could.  It was obvious she wanted a friend.


Enter Crispin.


We got in contact with a fabulous bunny rescue, Friends of Rabbits.  We looked at an online album of adoptable bunnies and saw an adorable black and white spotted bun.  We arranged for him and Junie to meet and they got on famously!  We also learned that this sweet bunny had been in a county shelter on death row (literally) when Friends of Rabbits swooped in and saved him.


Junie and “new bunny” (as we called Crispin before he was Crispin) went to the bunny bonder’s house and were bonded over just a few days.  When they came home, it was so amazing to see her and “new bunny” running around together, grooming each other, and just being happy bunnies!  Here are some of the first pictures of the two of them together at home:



Floor Snuggle Buns

Next week…

Where Lucy came from!

An Eden Farms Baby

Last Wednesday, I shared about how Nibbles came to be a part of our family.  Today, I want to share how we got Junie!


After two months of learning about rabbits and bonding with Nibbles, I thought, “This little bunny needs a bunny friend.”  I had read how most bunnies like having a companion, since they live in groups in the wild.  After another ruthless campaign to convince Matt that this was indeed a good idea, we went to look at bunnies near Richmond, Virginia.  There’s a beautiful property on the outskirts of town called Eden Farms.  It’s set back in the woods where a dear family cares for many rabbits.  Dutch, Netherland Dwarfs, Holland Lops, Lionheads, and several other small rabbit varieties.

We drove down on New Year’s Eve 2011 to find a friend for our Nibbles.  We held several bunnies, but one dark chocolate brown girl with bug-eyes seemed like the perfect one.  She was so tiny she fit into my two hands.  We were told she was 7 weeks old exactly and that she had been weened and was ready to go.  Unlike Nibbles who was terrified of everything, this sweet girl stretched out in the carrier on the way home and seemed very content.  When we got home and got her into her new cage, I took some pictures:


Peeking out to say ‘hello!’

Junie 2View from above.

She was so friendly!  By the second day at home, she was jumping into our laps to take naps:

I’m excited!

She’s too busy nowadays to take naps on our laps (sad face) and she doesn’t hold still very long to get pets.  But she does love running around and playing with you!  She has so much energy and is quite the mischief maker!  She and Nibbles eventually got to be buddies, but that’s a story for another time.  Next week, you’ll get to know Crispin’s story!

Why Bunnies? Or, How We Ended Up with Nibbles

It’s a fair question.

Why did we get rabbits instead of something more conventional like a cat or dog?  Why did we get more than one?  Let me tell you…

Around the beginning of October 2011, I thought about the possibility of getting a pet.  I’ve never really had a pet (besides a hamster named Fred when I was younger), but my husband had grown up with dogs.  I liked dogs, too, and thought briefly about getting one, but I decided it probably wouldn’t work very well.  We live in an apartment, work most of the day, and there’s no yard for a dog to run around in.  It seemed like we would end up with a lonely dog who would have to “hold it” all day.  Dogs are out for now.  How about cats?  That was quickly ruled out seeing as how I have huge allergies to cats.  What else is there?

Fish?  Too boring.

Turtles?  Not cuddly.

Hamsters?  Been there, done that.  Not again, thank you.

Rabbits?  Hmm…

When the thought of rabbits initially popped into my head, I thought of this:

SO CUTE.  I would have one of these, please.

Then I started reading about real rabbits.  And about how baby rabbits (like the ones in the mugs above) grow up and become adult rabbits.  And, while adult rabbits are still cute, they are not baby-cute.  I decided I was okay with this.  The more I read about rabbits, the more it sounded like they might be a good idea.  They’re awake in the morning and evening (when we’re home from work).  They use a litter box.  You can make cheap toys for them out of old newspaper and toilet paper rolls.  Perfect.

Now to convince the husband.

After a ferocious two week campaign on why a bunny would be good for us, Matt finally agreed.  We got all the supplies we needed and looked up bunnies that were available for adoption in our area.  Then, on October 30th, we made the trek into D.C. to the Washington Humane Society.  They had many bunnies, but finally we saw a large cage with four baby bunnies inside.  Siblings.  We looked at all of them and asked if we could hold the little gray and white one.  One of the workers opened the door and managed to snag the scrambling bunny.  She handed this little puff ball to Matt…:


…and we promptly fell in love.  He was just a tiny peanut at just over 2 months old and was shivering as Matt held him.  We pet him and whispered comfort in his ear and he calmed down a bit.  We filled out the adoption forms and he was ours.

On the car trip home, he was breathing so fast and his eyes were so wide and he seemed so scared.  I kept whispering to him telling him everything was okay and that he’d be in his new home soon.  When we got back and opened the carrier, he quickly hopped into his cage and sat in the corner.  We left him alone during that first evening so he could get used to his new place.  The next morning he had found his food and water.  We tried to convince him to come out and play, but he would only stretch his little head out of the gate before scurrying back inside.

Nibbles has grown a lot since those first few days…

NibblesNibbles in November, less than 3 months


A curious boy


Tuckered out


Eating his dinner


Rearranging all the items in his pen

I could post so many more!  But I suppose that’ll do for now.  Buy wait, you say.  Don’t you have four bunnies?  Why, yes.  Yes, we do.  But seeing as this post is already long enough, I’ll leave their ‘gotcha day’ stories for the next couple weeks!