New Items in the Shop!

I wanted to quickly highlight the new mini Project Life kit that’s in my Etsy shop at the moment!  It comes with 3×4 and 2×2 cards:

PL Mixed Card Set 1

PL Mixed Card Set 2

PL Mixed Card Set 3

PL Mixed Card Set 4

PL Mixed Card Set 5

There are also handmade embroidered tags and enamel dots for sale!  Check it out 🙂


Week in the Life Update + Exciting News!

Last night I started editing my Week in the Life photos.  I wanted to start over the weekend, but it just didn’t happen.  Anyway, I first went through all my photos from each day and marked the ones I really liked or the ones I thought I could fix up with some editing.


Next, I imported the marked photos to iPhoto.  I do not have Photoshop, Elements, GIMP, or any other editing software.  So I’m just using what my computer came with!  I made an album for each day of the week and copied the photos there.


I started with Monday last night and edited the 30+ photos from that day.  I think they’re looking pretty good (any tips on editing would be helpful!!):

From this…


To this…

Bunnies and Breakfast


And from this…



To this…


Most of my editing involved helping the white balance out (making the whites truly white) and lightening things up.


I also think I’ve decided on an album format for the final project.  Instead of divided page protectors, I’m going to print my photos at 3×4 (except for a handful of photos that I want to enlarge) and make a mini-book out of them.  I’m thinking of doing something like this, but not quite as embellished in the end.  I really like the squares/rectangles in that layout and think it would translate well to a mini book format.  This will also (hopefully) solve my problem of vertical vs. horizontal.



Last Friday, I made my first Etsy sale!!  Someone bought my Project Life mini kit I had made.  I was so excited!  I haven’t restocked that particular item (though I have plans to in the next week or so), but there are some newer items available that I just listed this weekend.  Check it out!  Any tips or comments on the shop would be much appreciated as well!


Thanks for reading and stopping by.  Happy Tuesday to you!