Project Life Saturday

I got a few weeks behind on my Project Life album, but last week I was able to catch up.  So I have three weeks to share today!  Week 41 is a full two-page spread, but weeks 42 and 43 are just one page each.  I totally fell off the picture-taking bandwagon!  I don’t mind having some weeks smaller than others, though–that’s life!

Here are how the completed weeks turned out:


My double page spread for week 41.  Since I was in ‘catch-up’ mode, I did quick and simple.  Cherry edition and Amy Tangerine Cut and Paste cards were used on this spread.


Close up of the left side.  The ‘Earth’ circle is a giant pin/button I found at work while cleaning out old filing cabinets.


Close up of the right side.


A detail shot 🙂


Week 42 is just a half spread.  I hit 90K on my car and baked blondies!  Again, used Cut and Paste and the Cherry edition cards.

*IMG_6285Week 43 includes some notes from my hubby (top left), a to do list from work (bottom left), and some notes about my new job.

Share your PL spreads in the comments!


Putting Myself Out There

A little over two weeks ago, Becky Higgins put out at call for applications for the 2014 Project Life Creative Team.  I love looking at the 2013 Creative Team’s layouts and am always impressed with how lovely they look.  I love the wide variety of styles, too:  from the super-minimalist to lots of embellishments.  As I read over the qualities they were looking for in a team member, I thought maybe I should send in an application.

For two weeks the idea sat in the back of my mind.  Overwhelmingly, the question I most asked myself was, “Am I good enough?”  I don’t think of myself as particularly creative, but I think my layouts generally turn out pretty nice.  I’ve really enjoyed the past year of Project Life and it’s fun looking back and seeing how my style has developed over the months.

On Sunday, the last day to submit an application, I decided to go for it.  Put myself out there.  What do I have to lose, right?  The worst they can say is, ‘no thanks,’ and I can still do Project Life next year.  I typed up the bits of information they requested and attached five pictures of my layouts to an email.  And I pushed ‘Send.’  And now I’m waiting.  I don’t really think I’ll be someone that’s seriously considered (have you SEEN some of the amazing spreads people are doing?!?!), but it felt good to apply for it anyway.

Here are the pictures I sent in:

WK 39.1

Week 7

Week 30

Week 31

Week 40

Did you submit an application?  Link to your blog in the comments to share your work 🙂

Project Life, Week 39

I’m all caught up with my Project Life pages!  I have week 39 to share with you today:


WK 39.1

I try to base the colors in my layout on the title card’s colors.  I made ALL my title cards at the beginning of the year (probably won’t do that again, but I don’t want to waste them).  This week’s colors were blue and green and the picture of the chestnut tree went perfectly with it!


WK 39.2

I had just finished my Week in the Life album this week, so I had some pictures of it.


WK 39.3

I didn’t have many pictures from the week, so three of the pictures on this page are from our outing to a craft fair over the weekend.


WK 39.4

I love using my bunny stamps any chance I get!  One of our buns got a new pen this week.


WK 39.5

Filler cards for 3×4 slots!  I didn’t have too much to say this week.


WK 39.6

Another filler card on the left.  I like how it turned out.  The pinwheel on the bottom is actually covering up a stamp-gone-wrong!


WK 39.7Week 39 is in the books!

I’ll be posting week 40 next weekend.  Can you believe we only have 12 more weeks of 2013 to go?  Time flies!

Project Life, Week 38

This week turned out a little different.  I hope it will give you an idea or two to use for your own PL albums if you run into this type of conundrum!

Week 37 was Week in the Life, so in my Project Life album, I only did a half spread on the left.  That meant for week 38, I had an empty half page on the right.  I had quite a few picture to include, so I didn’t want to try to squish everything onto just the half spread.  I decided instead to add a design H as an insert and combine that with the half side of design A.  Using the front and back of design H equals one side of design A, so I would end up with the same amount of space as I normally would!  Here’s how the pages turned out:

WK 38.1My week 38 title card went on the front side of the design H page protector.  I then had space for one picture on the bottom and a 3×4 caption card.  I used a decorative card from 5th and Frolic and tried my hand at some embossing.  Certainly would have been better in an actual color, but white’s all I’ve got at this point!

WK 38.3Close up of the embossing.

WK 38.2Design H, front side.

WK 38.4On the back of design H, I had room for two photos and caption cards.

WK 38.5I had some space to dress up this card a bit with a fabric flower and some dots.

WK 38.6The right side is design A.

WK 38.9Bunny pictures feature heavily this week 🙂

WK 38.7 The two pages, side by side as they would be in the album.

Filofax Week 39 + More

I totally meant to get a Project Life post up on Friday.


And then I totally meant to post it on Saturday.


And…that didn’t happen.  I did my PL spread for the previous week…it’s just that the pictures and posting bit didn’t happen.  But it’s happening today along with your weekly dose of Filofax decoration goodness.  Here are my Filofax pages for the week:

FF WK 39.1

I wanted to go with a fall theme for the week since it’s the first official week of autumn.  I didn’t want to go all pumpkin spice latte on the page, though, so I added in a bit of brighter green to balance out the darker fall colors.  The yellow and orange washi on the top and bottom are really rich colors.

FF WK 39.2On the left side, I added some green stamps to note what blog entries I’m posting this week.  I also added the multicolored ‘fall’ stamp at the top left.  I just swirled it through yellow and orange ink to get the double colors.  My huge bunny clip makes a good bookmark 🙂

FF WK 39.3Close up of the right side.

Alright, so here is what I ended up with for my Project Life from the week I did Week in the Life.  I really like it!

WK 38.1

Sorry about the glare.  I had to take these at night, so I didn’t have much light to work with.  Anyway, I just did a half page with leftover pictures that didn’t end up in my WITL album.

WK 38.2

I typed up this card explaining why I had taken a week ‘off’ from PL and what exactly the point of WITL was/is.

WK 39.3

I used a 3×4 card with a camera as a backing for this photo.  I used an exact-o knife to cut the camera top out and then slipped the photo behind it.

Check back tomorrow!  I plan to share how my WITL album is coming along–it’s almost done!

Project Life…Monday?

Better late than never, right?


This was definitely supposed to be a Friday post, but I’d gotten a bit behind on PL, so I just used the weekend to catch up and now I can post weeks 35 and 36 today!  Since I was catching up and working with two weeks of minimal photos, I improvised a bit.  I could have just done a half spread for each week (certainly have done that before!), but I managed to stretch out the weeks to a full double page spread.  Here they are!


Week 35.  I used the 5th and Frolic edition for the vast majority of this spread.


Close up of the title card.  I used some Dear Lizzy stickers for the title.  The mini calendar is just an online printable that I use to highlight the week.


Week 36.  Lots more 5th and Frolic with a bit of the Cherry edition thrown in.


Left side of week 35.  Just some simple Project Life!  I only had one ‘official’ photo on the top right, so I just used two pictures from the internet in the bottom pockets.


Right side of week 35.  I used a screen capture of the blog and three mini photos in the top right pocket.  In the top left, I used a 4×6 bi-fold card to do some extra journaling.


Left side of week 36.  Again, not too many pictures to work with.  The bottom two pockets are again internet snags.


Right side of week 36.  I found these ancient ads at work and had to grab them for my album!  I also included our favorite pancake recipe on the top right.



So tips for a week with a lack of photos:

•Use pictures from the internet.

•Include 4×6 bi-fold cards to add extra journaling.

•Use a filler card in those 3×4 slots!  Sometimes I feel like that’s “cheating,” but those cards are included for a reason!