Filofax Decoration, Week 45

It’s November and we only have 8 weeks left of 2013!  The last two months have totally flown by for me…in a good way! 🙂


Anyway, happy November to you all!  Here are my pages for week 45:IMG_6288Super simple with fall colors.


I tried stamping at the top with a new bronze ink I bought at AC Moore over the weekend.  It’s very glittery and pretty, but not particularly a saturated color.  I can think of a lot of fun projects to use the color on, but it doesn’t quite work on the FF pages!  I ended up tracing the word ‘Remember’ in black ink just so I could read it.

IMG_6291Stamped with a brown ink down the center to divide daily ‘to dos’ from Project Life notes.

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Filofax Decoration, Week 41

Week 41 in my Filofax is clean and simple!  Last week got a little too busy for my liking, so I’m trying to ‘tone it down’ a bit.  Here’s how it turned out:

FF WK 41.2

I used my cute tape from YozoCraft on the bottom and my all-time favorite cloud/heart washi tape along the top.  The yellow tape in the middle matches the bits of yellow in the house tape on the bottom.

FF WK 41.1

I just love this tape!  It’s not ‘real’ washi–it’s actually a plastic (not paper) based tape.

  FF WK 41.3

I made the banner out of a longer tag piece.

FF WK 41.4My little bunny face sticker was perfect for my blog notes about Lucy 🙂

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Project Life, Week 39

I’m all caught up with my Project Life pages!  I have week 39 to share with you today:


WK 39.1

I try to base the colors in my layout on the title card’s colors.  I made ALL my title cards at the beginning of the year (probably won’t do that again, but I don’t want to waste them).  This week’s colors were blue and green and the picture of the chestnut tree went perfectly with it!


WK 39.2

I had just finished my Week in the Life album this week, so I had some pictures of it.


WK 39.3

I didn’t have many pictures from the week, so three of the pictures on this page are from our outing to a craft fair over the weekend.


WK 39.4

I love using my bunny stamps any chance I get!  One of our buns got a new pen this week.


WK 39.5

Filler cards for 3×4 slots!  I didn’t have too much to say this week.


WK 39.6

Another filler card on the left.  I like how it turned out.  The pinwheel on the bottom is actually covering up a stamp-gone-wrong!


WK 39.7Week 39 is in the books!

I’ll be posting week 40 next weekend.  Can you believe we only have 12 more weeks of 2013 to go?  Time flies!

Filofax Week 39 + More

I totally meant to get a Project Life post up on Friday.


And then I totally meant to post it on Saturday.


And…that didn’t happen.  I did my PL spread for the previous week…it’s just that the pictures and posting bit didn’t happen.  But it’s happening today along with your weekly dose of Filofax decoration goodness.  Here are my Filofax pages for the week:

FF WK 39.1

I wanted to go with a fall theme for the week since it’s the first official week of autumn.  I didn’t want to go all pumpkin spice latte on the page, though, so I added in a bit of brighter green to balance out the darker fall colors.  The yellow and orange washi on the top and bottom are really rich colors.

FF WK 39.2On the left side, I added some green stamps to note what blog entries I’m posting this week.  I also added the multicolored ‘fall’ stamp at the top left.  I just swirled it through yellow and orange ink to get the double colors.  My huge bunny clip makes a good bookmark 🙂

FF WK 39.3Close up of the right side.

Alright, so here is what I ended up with for my Project Life from the week I did Week in the Life.  I really like it!

WK 38.1

Sorry about the glare.  I had to take these at night, so I didn’t have much light to work with.  Anyway, I just did a half page with leftover pictures that didn’t end up in my WITL album.

WK 38.2

I typed up this card explaining why I had taken a week ‘off’ from PL and what exactly the point of WITL was/is.

WK 39.3

I used a 3×4 card with a camera as a backing for this photo.  I used an exact-o knife to cut the camera top out and then slipped the photo behind it.

Check back tomorrow!  I plan to share how my WITL album is coming along–it’s almost done!

Filofax Decoration, Week 37

I woke up too early this morning and actually managed to do this with the bit of extra time I had before work!  Nothing too crazy–washi tape and a bit of stamping.

FF WK 37.1

Here are the pages.  I used a light yellow/cream washi tape that looks like an old measuring tape across the bottom and top right.  I also used a gray polka dot tape to separate the weekends and the ‘this week’ section.

FF WK 37.2I tried to stamp a design across the top, but it got really messed up!  I covered it with a post-it flag and used letter stickers for the ‘WITL’ (Week in the Life).

FF WK 37.3

The gray washi is actually a regular 1.5 cm wide tape.  I taped a piece onto a stray bit of an index card, then sliced it in half in my paper cutter.  After peeling it off the index card, I could use it as you can see above.

FF WK 37.4My bunny clip to mark the week 🙂  I used arrow stamps to remind myself about what blog posts are upcoming.

Hope you enjoyed!  Feel free to comment with your Filofax decoration blog links!

Filofax Decoration, Week 36

I tried a few different things this week in my Filofax…

FF WK 36.2Week 36.

FF WK 36.1

I started with my normal washi tape decor.  I like to put a little along the bottom (yellow stars, this week) and another color to separate the weekend and the ‘this week’ box at the top left.

FF WK 36.4

Even though I’ve been doing Project Life since December 2012, I still struggle to remember to take pictures throughout the week!  So this week, I added a bright sticky tab and a set of 7 stamped stars below it.  I plan to check off each star when I take pictures each day.  Hopefully that will help me remember!!

FF WK 36.3On each weekday, I placed a stamped green arrow.  I added some green marks along some sides to make it stand out more.  I’m going to use this to help me plan for various blog posts for the week.  I also added some green chevrons and a sticker or two in a couple places to liven things up.

Those are my pages for the week!  Next Monday, I’ll show you my newly decorated pages along with pictures of how this week turned out.  Tomorrow I’m planning to share a project I’ve been working on that you can join in, too!