Project Life Saturday

I got a few weeks behind on my Project Life album, but last week I was able to catch up.  So I have three weeks to share today!  Week 41 is a full two-page spread, but weeks 42 and 43 are just one page each.  I totally fell off the picture-taking bandwagon!  I don’t mind having some weeks smaller than others, though–that’s life!

Here are how the completed weeks turned out:


My double page spread for week 41.  Since I was in ‘catch-up’ mode, I did quick and simple.  Cherry edition and Amy Tangerine Cut and Paste cards were used on this spread.


Close up of the left side.  The ‘Earth’ circle is a giant pin/button I found at work while cleaning out old filing cabinets.


Close up of the right side.


A detail shot 🙂


Week 42 is just a half spread.  I hit 90K on my car and baked blondies!  Again, used Cut and Paste and the Cherry edition cards.

*IMG_6285Week 43 includes some notes from my hubby (top left), a to do list from work (bottom left), and some notes about my new job.

Share your PL spreads in the comments!


Lucy Goosey: A True Rescue Story

I lasted posted about how we came to adopt Crispin.  Today, I’m going to share where Lucy came from.


After our failed attempts to bond Nibbles and Junie, Nibbles had been a lone bachelor while Junie and Crispin were the newly happy couple next door.  I felt bad for Nibs–maybe he just wanted a different bunny friend.  We had only ever tried bonding him with Junie, so maybe he needed another chance.  I managed to convince Matt to let me take Nibbles to an adoption event hosted by Friends of Rabbits.  I was nervous that he would just nip at other bunnies, but to my delight he was generally pretty nice with the lovely bunny ladies he was put with!  After several different bunnies were tried out, a large brown bun was plopped down next to him.  They sniffed each other, licked each other, and snuggled up for a nap.


The little brown bunny didn’t even have a name.  She had been rescued from a Maryland shelter just days before she was to be put down.  She was so calm and sweet, I knew she’d be coming home with us sooner or later.  Here’s Nibs and his new friend:

Nibs and Lucy

I told the adoption organizers that I wasn’t quite ready to leave Nibbles that day for bonding–kinda needed to check with the hubby first to make sure he was really okay with a fourth bunny.  I mentioned our other two bunnies and how I wish they could all be bonded.  The magic bunny whisperer said she was confident she could bond all four of them, despite any previous issues.  I was excited with this news, and I knew Matt would be, too, so I arranged to bring all the bunnies up to her house the next weekend so she could bond them all.

Two weeks later…

I was driving back to Maryland to pick up my newly bonded quartet!  We had redone their home and cleaned up everything so it would be fresh.  I was so excited to have them back after such a long time away!  I was especially excited to get to know this new brown bunny we’d adopted.  Here they are home and together like a family:


Our sweet new girl.  She was very reserved and shy at first, but soon came out of her shell.


Snuggle buns.


We’re terrible at deciding on names…but we finally settled on Lucy.

IMG_4387All four.  All happy.

I can’t imagine who would have wanted to let this sweetheart go.  She was kind of clumsy and klutzy when we got her.  Her balance wasn’t that good.  It makes me think she was probably kept in a cage and never got out to run around.  She was found running around in a parking lot.  It was estimated by the rescuers that she was probably 2-3 years old when we adopted her.  I’m guessing the shelter was going to euthanize her because she was older, bigger, and not the “cute” fluffy bunny most people are looking to take in.  Their loss is our gain, though 🙂  She’s definitely the sweetest tempered of all our bunnies and she’s never bitten or nipped at me.  We love her and love that she completed our bunny family!

NEW PROJECT: December Daily!

OK, I’m officially jumping on the bandwagon!  After having so much fun with Ali Edwards’ Week in the Life, I decided to join in with a December Daily album.  In case you’re unfamiliar, you can check out Ali’s extensive posts on this album here.

I’ve collected a few things so far to get me started on setting things up.  Here’s what I bought at AC Moore over the weekend:

-Red 6×8 Snap Album

-Pack of 10 6×8 page protectors [two 3×4 slots on top, one 4×6 slot on bottom of each sheet]

-Project Life Christmas theme card pack

-My Mind’s Eye Vintage Christmas 6×6 pad

-Gold and Silver washi tape

-Red and cream chevron washi tape

-Teresa Collins’ Santa’s List enamel dots

-Little Yellow Bicycle transparent embellishments Christmas pack

I didn’t buy ANY thickers (!!) since I already have several green, silver, and gold choices.  I may have to pick up some red ones by the end, but we’ll see.  I’m kinda picky about how my reds match.  I also pulled several things from my stash that will work with the rest of the new items.  Here’s what the humble Christmas stash looks like now:



My plan is to stay simple (lesson learned from WITL!) with just one side of a sheet protector per day.  I have some extras, so if I really need to expand to two sides I can, but I think filling three pockets per day is doable.  I’m planning to have one 4×6 picture, one 3×4 journaling spot, and one 3×4 pocket for either decoration or an additional photo/journaling as needed.  I’ve already started some of the decorating on the interior and the front cover is finished.  I’ll share pictures of that next week.

I’m loving looking at other peoples’ set ups from this year or previous years.  So link up in the comments if you want!

Filofax Decoration, Week 45

It’s November and we only have 8 weeks left of 2013!  The last two months have totally flown by for me…in a good way! 🙂


Anyway, happy November to you all!  Here are my pages for week 45:IMG_6288Super simple with fall colors.


I tried stamping at the top with a new bronze ink I bought at AC Moore over the weekend.  It’s very glittery and pretty, but not particularly a saturated color.  I can think of a lot of fun projects to use the color on, but it doesn’t quite work on the FF pages!  I ended up tracing the word ‘Remember’ in black ink just so I could read it.

IMG_6291Stamped with a brown ink down the center to divide daily ‘to dos’ from Project Life notes.

Share a link to your FF pages in the comments!

Putting Myself Out There

A little over two weeks ago, Becky Higgins put out at call for applications for the 2014 Project Life Creative Team.  I love looking at the 2013 Creative Team’s layouts and am always impressed with how lovely they look.  I love the wide variety of styles, too:  from the super-minimalist to lots of embellishments.  As I read over the qualities they were looking for in a team member, I thought maybe I should send in an application.

For two weeks the idea sat in the back of my mind.  Overwhelmingly, the question I most asked myself was, “Am I good enough?”  I don’t think of myself as particularly creative, but I think my layouts generally turn out pretty nice.  I’ve really enjoyed the past year of Project Life and it’s fun looking back and seeing how my style has developed over the months.

On Sunday, the last day to submit an application, I decided to go for it.  Put myself out there.  What do I have to lose, right?  The worst they can say is, ‘no thanks,’ and I can still do Project Life next year.  I typed up the bits of information they requested and attached five pictures of my layouts to an email.  And I pushed ‘Send.’  And now I’m waiting.  I don’t really think I’ll be someone that’s seriously considered (have you SEEN some of the amazing spreads people are doing?!?!), but it felt good to apply for it anyway.

Here are the pictures I sent in:

WK 39.1

Week 7

Week 30

Week 31

Week 40

Did you submit an application?  Link to your blog in the comments to share your work 🙂

Filofax, Week 43 Decoration PLUS a Video PLUS a Freebie!

I’ve been gone.

But now I’m back.  And to make up for my unplanned absence, I’m bringing  you THREE bits of awesome this morning.

First, my weekly pages:

FF WK 43.1

I wanted to use some nice, neutral colors this week.  I chose polka dot gray and warm yellow washi tapes, plus brown ink to decorate.

FF WK 43.2

Last weekend, I managed to print a little check list for each day of the week directly onto the pages.  It’s not perfect, but it’s close.  The video explains a bit more about why I’ve done this, but essentially, I wanted all my to do lists, cleaning schedules, etc. to be in ONE section, not split across multiple sections.

FF WK 43.3

FF WK 43.4The cute blue magnetic clip was from a RAK!  I love it!

Second, a video!  I totally changed my Filofax around again, so of course I had to make a video showing you all the fun newness.  Here ya go:

Third, and finally, a freebie!  You can download the journal page I created and print it for yourself!  You can print it on blank personal sized Filofax pages OR on regular size printer paper and trim it to fit.  When you print, make sure you change your settings for the personal size paper (3.75 x 6.75″).  Feel free to customize it for your own Filofax(es) and/or share it on your blog, too.  Just be sure to post a link back to this blog entry so people know where it’s from originally.  Click the link below to download it 🙂

FF Journal Pages